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Mike writes:

We spent this class reviewing the material we have covered in the first four chapters. For those of you following along at home, you will see that the first unit has a multi-page review series of quizes  (multiple choice, T-F, fill-in-the-blank, etc).   We had the students complete these exercises and then we talked about each one after it was complete. If they didn’t know some of the answers, they were allowed to look them up in the text.  Hopefully, this served two purposes:

1.) Reinforce the material encouraging them to think about the questions and seek the answers of they didn’t know them.

2.) Expose the students for the maybe the first time to some of the material they may have missed due to absence.

Coming up…

I am working to set up a “mock baptism” demonstration for one of the class sessions in early December. This should be interesting for the students.  I’ll let you know how this develops.

There will be NO CLASS next week, November 25, the night before Thanksgiving. We hope you have much for which to give thanks, and have a great holiday.

See ya in December!

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After a weak turnout two weeks ago (Nov 4), and no class last week (Nov 11), we are back in business this week, Wednesday, November 18.

We’ll see everyone at 6:30 pm.

Please note — as per the schedule, we will NOT have CCD class the night before Thanksgiving.

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The Savannah-Chatham public schools will be closed for Veterans’ Day and so will CCD.

Classes resume the following Wednesday, November 18.

The following week is Thanksgiving and there will be no class. Then we’re back for three weeks of classes before the Christmas break. Hit the “Schedule” tab above for the dates.

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Before we talk about anything else, please be advised, that there will be NO CCD class next Wednesday, November 11. The Savannah Chatham public schools will be out for Veterans’ Day and so will we.

Apparently the public schools were out yesterday also, and it showed in class attendance. We had only six dedicated students show, out of our 16 total. It was a quiet evening.

We did go ahead and teach a class. We covered chapter four, for those of you following along at home, which deals with role models and saints.

We started by talking about memorials and role models. Following that was a passage from Revelations that described those who have gone on to be with God, their happiness and why they are happy.

From there we talked about the concept of saints and sainthood. Everyone who has lived a good life and is now with God can be considered a saint. We discussed the difference between saints (with a small s) and named Saints (with a capital S), and the way the Church decides who gets named a Saint.

We finished by reading the stories of three saints and near-saints (blesseds).

It wasn’t the most exciting class of the year, but we muddled through.

We’ll see you in two weeks (November 18) and then be off for Thanksgiving week.

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