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We had a good class last Wednesday. The focus was the concept of grace. We described it as God’s love and compared it to parents’ love of his or her children.  Like parents showing love by hugging or otherwise loving their children, God’s love is received through the sacraments.

We also discussed that God’s love/grace cannot be earned. It is a free gift.

We covered the story of God’s “tough love” on Saul/St Paul and Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus.

We also discussed how God’s love/grace gives Christians the strength to make make good choices and live a life as Jesus would want.

This coming week is our Baptism demonstration/ceremony. We expect most, probably all, the other CCD classes will probably join us for the event. We will meet in the classroom and walk over to the church.  If possible, this would be a really good week to have your child dropped off a minute or two early.  Thanks.

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We have been putting new floors in our house this week, so both the house and my life are in disarray. Sorry for the late post. But moving on…

We had an interesting class Wednesday.

Our plan to conduct a Baptism demonstration was delayed, but there is some good news attached to that. A parish family with a child in CCD and another newborn baby, have agreed to allow the baby’s Baptism to be a part of the CCD program. We will do that in two weeks, on January 27. That should be very cool.

Father Mariusz stopped in and answered questions for nearly a half hour. He connected well with the students. He answered some of the questions that the students have asked Mrs. Worthington and myself, but would be better being answered by a priest, including:

  • What’s the story with “original sin?
  • What happens to a baby who dies before being baptized?
  • Why don’t priests get married?

Mrs. W asked Father M if priests ever had any fun. The students were impressed and surprised that Father M has a Wii and plays “Guitar Hero.”

When Father M left, we had only about 20 minutes left in the class, not enough time to do a full lesson. So we played “Catholic Hangman” for awhile.

Next week we talk about the concept of “grace,” and God’s “tough love” on St Paul on the road to Damascus.

The Baptism is scheduled for January 27.

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After two months of hit-and-miss classes and the Christmas break, it was great to be back at CCD on Wednesday. We had a good class session. The students were fairly interested and engaged.

We continued with another chapter on Baptism with a touch on Confirmation. The focus was on the concepts of:

  • Baptism being an initiation into the Church.
  • The actions and symbols of the sacrament (white garments, candles, water, oil, etc.)
  • The idea that as Baptized Catholics, they have an obligation to carry on Jesus’s work through worship, and through their actions — demonstrating love and service to others.

Next week, we will meet in the classroom as usual, but will then walk over to the church for a Baptism demonstration. Father Mariusz will take them through the Baptism ceremony and explain each step along the way. There is a chance we may have a “real, live” baby for the program. If so, the program will be the real-thing, and not just a demonstration. If not, we have a doll waiting in the wings.

Parents, of course, are always welcome to come and sit in on this or any of our class sessions.

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It seems like we haven’t had a CCD class in months. We’re back tonight (January 6.) Bundle up and we’ll see everyone at 6:30 pm.

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