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We had a good rehearsal last night for the Christmas pageant. Our 5th grade narrators are really stepping up and doing a good job. They are taking their roles quite seriously, and it shows.

We will have one final rehearsal on Saturday morning from 10-11:15 am. I know at least one reader won’t be able to make it, but that’s OK. We hope the rest can be there.

The pageant “goes live” at 6:30 pm next Wednesday in the church. This program will teka the place of the regular CCD class that evening. It is for the entire family. If your child is one of the participants, please, please, please have them there 10-15 minutes early! Refreshments will be served in the school gym afterwards.

The second performance will be for the 6:00 pm Mass on Christmas Eve. Again, please have the participants at the SCHOOL by 5:30 pm.

Hope to see you at one or both programs!

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Our CCD schedule has been a little weird for the past few weeks and will continue so until the Christmas break. Here’s the story.

December 12 (next week) 6-730 pm – Rehearsal for the nine students and two shepherds who are in the Christmas pageant on December 19 and (in some cases) December 24. This includes:


  • Danielle C (also Dec 24)
  • Brendan C
  • Caroline J
  • Jacob E
  • Elizabeth Anne C (also Dec 24)
  • Jake F (also Dec 24)
  • Autumn H
  • Madeline H (also Dec 24)
  • Hannah B


  • Will G
  • Carter P

There may be another shepherd. I’m not sure. Check with your child. If he/she says they are a shepherd, they probably are.

The remainder of the class has the night off.

Please drop-off and pick-up your child at the church. The school will be closed that evening.

Please note – The start time on December 12 will be 6:00 pm. If you can’t get your child to the church by then, it won’t be the end of the world, but if you can accommodate the earlier time, it would be great.

Also, the students will be served pizza after the rehearsal.

Saturday, December 15 – A final rehearsal for the Christmas pageant for readers and shepherds. I believe it is at 10 am. We’ll confirm that next week.

Wednesday, December 19 6:30 pm – Christmas pageant in church, followed by refreshments and snacks in the school gym. Everyone should attend, as it this is essentially a regular CCD time slot. This will be the final CCD class before the Christmas break. We hope parents will join their children for the pageant, but if you are not able to do so, drop off your child at the church, but pick up at the school.

Monday, December 24, 6:00 pm Mass – The four readers who have volunteered to participate in the pageant-portion of the Mass should attend. Please have your child there early. 5:30 pm would be good. Certainly no later than 5:45 pm. Please have them dressed nicely. The readers for this Mass are Danielle, Elizabeth Anne, Jake F and Madeline.

Questions? Call or email me.

Last night, half the class was involved in the rehearsal for the pageant, which left me with only around nine students for a class. We had an informal discussion of the season of Advent, focusing on the concept of preparing ourselves spiritually for the coming of Christ. Then we went over to the church and listened to their classmates work on their readings.


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