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I would like to thank all our parents for their cooperation, arranging their schedules and transportation around the CCD Christmas Pageant. The program last Wednesday evening went very well, and the presentation at Christmas Eve Mass even better. I thought your children all did very well. I made an effort to try to speak to each one after the program and praise them for their effort. In the event I missed one in the scurrying around, please extend my compliments to them. I got one photo of the readers as they stood on the altar steps during the singing of “Silent Night.” If anyone would like a copy, just shoot me an email and I’ll send a full-size image to  you. Meanwhile, have a great holiday season and we’ll see you on January 15.Christmas Pageant 1 w

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We had a good pageant rehearsal last night. Parents, your children are doing great!

We will have one more dress rehearsal this coming Saturday, December 14, from 9:30-11:00 am.

Of our 13 students, 10 are reading next Wednesday, December 18; two are shepherds; and one is not participating (Joseph.)

For Christmas Eve Mass, we lose one shepherd (Ross) and two readers (Abagael and Sam M.) Everyone else has said they will be there. This is really great, because it allows a minimum of shuffling. Nearly all the students will be reading the same passage in each program. If my information is not correct, PLEASE let me know.

We sent home an information sheet with our students last night with the reporting times for next week and Christmas Eve. Please note those times. It is much better to be early.


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Sorry for the late posting this week. I have been travelling since last Thursday morning. Nothing much to report from last week’s class. We had only seven students there, and we got them organized and practiced for the Christmas pageant.

As you know from past communications, the fifth grade CCD class will serve as the readers/narrators for the Christmas pageant during the regular CCD time slot next week (Dec 18) and also at 4 pm Mass on Christmas Eve. If your child wants to participate, and we hope they do, they do need to attend our last two practices. Those will be tomorrow (Wednesday) night during our regular class session and again on Saturday morning from 9:30-11 am. On Saturday, report directly to the church.

Right now, I am sitting with six confirmed readers who were there last week, and two more who were not there, but whose parents have indicated they do want to participate. Two of our students do not wish to read and have been given new job assignments as “shepherds.” Several students are still question marks. They were not there last week and they have not indicated whether they wish to be readers.

Also, only a couple of parents have told me whether we can count on their child to participate in the Christmas Eve 4 pm Mass. We really need to know who we can count on for this program, so we can assign their readings and make sure they know what is going on.

If for some reason, your child cannot participate in the Saturday morning practice, but has been there for BOTH the two earlier practices, we can probably still allow him/her to participate. In this case, please contact me and let me know what’s going on so we don’t reassign their role to another student.

I apologize if this comes across as a little strict. We learned two lessons last year.

1.) The students do much better and are much more comfortable if they know what they are supposed to do and are fully prepared.

2.) They do not react well to last minute shuffling around.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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