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CCD classes for this week  — Wednesday, January 29 — have been CANCELLED due to the weather.

We’ll see everyone next week!

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We had no update for last week’s class, because I was not there. Lisa Fogarty took over the class for one evening. (I had an early morning meeting in Atlanta on Thursday morning and had to drive up on Wednesday and spend the night.) I was very happy to hear that Mrs. Fogarty had a great time with the class and was extremely complimentary of the students.

Mrs. F finished off Pentecost last week and made the connection between Pentecost and the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Last night, we picked up on that theme and covered some of the specifics of receiving Confirmation. The key points of discussion included:

  •  During Confirmation we restate our core beliefs (Baptismal promises.) We broke the class into smaller groups and asked them to brainstorm some of their core beliefs as Catholics.
  •  The role of Confirmation sponsors
  •  The meaning of the bishop’s words “…be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit”
  •  The meaning of the Sign of Peace

 In one of our discussions a couple of weeks ago, it was apparent there was some confusion over concept of the “Holy Spirit.” We talked about the Holy Trinity and emphasized that when we refer to the Holy Spirit, we are simply referring to God in his/her role of being with us every day.

 We finished up by introducing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. (wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, fear of the Lord.) Again we broke the class into groups and assigned each group two or three of the gifts to discuss and come up with an explanation or example. We ran out of time on this exercise. We’ll devote a few minutes to this next week.

 Our main focus next week will be on the concept of prayer. Believe it or not, in past years, this subject has generated a fairly interesting class session. As always, parents are invited and welcome to sit in on any classes and participate (or not) at your comfort level.


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So far the 2014 edition of CCD is just full of surprises. First we had a schedule change to have class last night. Then, shortly before we started class, Mrs. Hubert gave us a “Safe Touch” outline she wanted us to cover. The presentation focused on the children’s personal safety. Mrs. H gave us this list of advice to present to the class.

  •  If someone makes you uncomfortable about anything; tell an adult you trust. (This is somewhat ironic, since I think the entire class was squirming a little during this discussion.)
  • You have the right to say no to an adult if it he/she will hurt you in any way. You always tell your parent or someone you trust about these experiences.
  • People who have your best interest at heart do not want you to feel bad.
  • Do not look at things that are not for people your age. If someone wants you to look at a book or movie that is not for children, do not do it.
  • Always let your parent know where you are.
  • Stay in the designated area at school, church events, sporting events, etc.
  • If you go somewhere, have a buddy you always stay with.
  • If you get in an uncomfortable situation with a stranger and need to get away from someone, say no and run away. Do not be afraid to attract attention.

I led the discussion, but Mrs. Rudolphi was a tremendous help by providing a female and mothers’s viewpoint. We had some discussion and questions stemming from those main points, but nothing that jumped out as a major issue.

 That discussion took up about half the class, so we had time for only a half-lesson afterwards. We began our two-chapter coverage of the Sacrament of Confirmation with a discussion of the Pentecost.

Mrs. R and were a little taken aback when we began our discussion and I asked the class, “Who is the Holy Spirit?” I got blank stares back as a response. I went around the room to solicit an answer and no one could even come close to identifying or describing the Holy Spirit. This is not good. I think we will do a basic review of “This is God” in our next class session.

We read and discussed the account of Pentecost in the text book and then broke the class into two groups. We had each group role-play and act out what they read about.

 The class seems to enjoy the role-playing exercises. However, from a teaching standpoint, it is our hope that, having gone through a role-play exercise, the students are more likely to actually remember we had covered in class.

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I just (Sunday, Jan 5) discovered that the CCD schedule was changed after I initially posted it last fall. What this means is CCD WILL MEET this week, Wednesday, January 8, at the normal place and time.

I apologize for any confusion this may cause. We hope to see your child Wednesday evening.

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