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This will definitely change at least once. It always does. But here is a tentative schedule of lessons for the year.

Please note: On this schedule, I have Ash Wednesday, Feb 18, listed as “no class.” We usually ask all the families to bring their children to the Ash Wednesday service at the church in lieu of a regular CCD class. However, as it stands right now, the “official” CCD calendar shows that date as a regular class session. I think the official calendar will change between now and then.

Sep 24 – Get organized
Oct 1 – Chapter 1 Jesus shares God’s life
Oct 8 – Ch 3 The Sacraments
Oct 15 – Ch 4 Baptism 1
Oct 22 – Ch 5 Baptism 2
Oct 29 – Ch 10 Eucharist 1
Nov 5 – Ch 11 Eucharist 2
Nov 12 – Ch 6-7 Liturgical Year & Advent
Nov 19 – Advent Program
Nov 26 – No class
Dec 3 – Pageant practice
Dec 10 – Pageant Practice
Dec 17 – Pageant Program
Dec 24, 31, Jan 7 – No class
Jan 14 – Ch 8 Confirmation 1
Jan 21 – Ch 9 Confirmation 2
Jan 28 – Commandments 1
Feb 4 – Commandments 2
Feb 11 – Ch 20-21 Lent & Triduum
Feb 18 – Ash Wednesday
Feb 25 – Ch 15 Healing
March 4 –Ch 16 Reconciliation
March 11 – Ch 18 Anointing of the Sick
March 18 – No class
March 25 – Ch 12 Prayer
April 1 – Ch 24 Matrimony
April 8 – No class
April 15 – 25 Holy orders
April 22 – Unassigned
April 29 – Last Class


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There is not much to report from last night’s CCD class. We knew we would have to spend a fair amount of time simply getting organized, so there would not be enough time to teach a full lesson. We had several new students, which puts our class size at 19. Also, one of our students brought a friend. That is a good size. We have had classes as large as 27 and as small as 13.

We took head-shot pictures of the students. We will use this to create a photo-sheet to help Mrs. Rudolphi and I connect names and faces more quickly. We will make an occasional slip-up, but we should be able to recognize most of the students and know their names by next week.

We introduced ourselves and went over our plans for the year and the class rules.

We then passed out a short “quiz” regarding the sacraments and commandments. We just wanted to see what the class knows already. It was a mixed bag. We discussed the quiz when they were complete. Next week, we will start with a full lesson.

Stay tuned for weekly updates, and feel free to come join the class anytime you want.

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It was great to see everyone Wednesday evening. I’m sure there will be some additional students, but as of last night, we had 11 students — 4 boys and 7 girls. It’s interesting; six of our 11 students are the younger siblings of students we taught in past years. Welcome back, parents!

Thanks to all the parents to provided their contact information. I won’t deluge you with emails, but it’s good to have a solid channel of communications for schedule changes, etc.

The schedule for the year is under the labeled tab at the top of this page. If you picked up one of the schedules I had last night, please remember that it was inadvertently cut off about 6 weeks early.

If you read the hand-out from last night, the rest of this post will be repetitious. If not…

The 5th grade curriculum will focus on the liturgy and the sacraments. While we have some material to cover, including some memorization, we also hope to make the short time we will spend together rewarding and enjoyable for your child.

It has been our experience that, when they get going, 5th graders and full of interesting questions. If it has anything remotely related to God, the Church, religion, or living, we will talk about it.

Please understand I will have your child for less than an hour just once a week. You can do several things to help us make this a productive experience for your son or daughter.

• Ask your child if we have given them a task to do during the week and assist them with it.

• Please have your child to the school before 6:30 p.m.

• Please support us and encourage your child to come to CCD class willingly and with enthusiasm.

As we will be covering the sacraments, including matrimony and anointing of the sick, our class discussion may come in close contact to real-life events in your child’s life (death in the family, divorce, etc.) If there is something I should know in order to be appropriately sensitive, please tell me.

We have only three class-rules, and we hope you will help us reinforce these to your children.

1. Show up.

2. Participate

3. Don’t be a “jerk.”

(You might be surprised how well 5th graders understand Rule #3. It almost never requires any further explanation.)

You are most welcome to sit-in on the class at any time.

I hope you will stay abreast of what’s happening with your child on Wednesday evenings. To help you do so (and for the fifth year), I have created a blog/Web site. I will try to keep it updated on a weekly basis with reports on the class activity and announcements.


The full rundown of last year’s class is here on the site, so if you would like to get an idea of what is ahead, you can look backwards and see.

Once again, the fifth grade class will be teaming up with the third grade to present the Christmas pageant. If things go according to plan, the pageant will be presented twice – once during the regular CCD class time (Dec 17) and once at one of the Christmas Eve masses. When the dates draw closer, I’ll keep you apprised of scheduling. The biggest issue will be to coordinate the Christmas Eve reader-team with your family plans.

If you have not already done so, please provide me with your email address. We have learned through experience that trying to communicate with parents through the filter of a 10 or 11 year-old just doesn’t work. I will use the blog to communicate routine information. I’ll only use the email to notify you of things like schedule changes and the like.

As we have done for the past several years, we ask that you come to the classroom to pick up your child at 7:30 p.m. Please do not instruct your child to leave the building on his or her own and meet you in the parking lot. If you have a situation that makes it difficult for you to come into the building, like a sleeping baby, just let us know. One of us will walk your child(ren) to your car.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Rudolphi or myself for any reason.

Mike Sullivan
Office: 598-2325
Cell: 484-2622
savannahmike1130 at gmail.com

Shelly Rudolphi
Home: 897-9335
Shelly.rudolphi at att.net

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