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Just a reminder, parents, there will be no CCD class on January 7. Classes will resume the following week, January 14. Have a great New Year!

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We had a really good practice session for the Christmas pageant last night. I am very impressed at how seriously the students are taking their roles. They really want to do well and it shows. We had two full-scale run-throughs, complete with the music. Then we practiced the speaking parts over and over until we ran out of class time. Also, our shepherds are doing a very good job keeping the younger third-grade “sheep and goats” in line. A few notes:

— We would like to have one additional practice this coming Saturday morning (Dec 13) from 10-11 am. If your child has a conflict and cannot attend, it’s not the end of the world. In which case, please take special note of the next paragraph. If they do not have a conflict, please try to get them there. The practice will be at the church.

— If your child is one of our readers, please ask him to practice his/her material with you. The more repetition they have, the easier and less threatening it will be when they stand up in front of a church full of people. Emphasize they should project loud and read slow. (Many tend to read too fast and run their words together, especially as they come to the end of a sentence or the end of the reading.)

— Our first performance will be during the regular CCD class session next week (Dec 17.) Please drop off your child at the church by 6:00 pm. It is not necessary for them to be dressed up for this performance.

— Even if your child is not a reader, please bring them next Wednesday anyway. We may have some “no-shows” and may need to put them into the lineup. In any event, this is a class project and they are a part of the class.

— The second program will be during the Christmas Eve children’s mass at 4:00 pm. Please deliver your child to the school a half hour early, at 3:30 pm so we can get them organized and squared away. (A last minute rush is likely to just get them flustered.) Dress for this program should be “church clothes.” One note for the girls (and Mrs. Rudolphi has mentioned this to them), they may be sitting on the floor. So if they are wearing a dress or skirt, some kind of tights or leggings might be appropriate.

— After the program on Christmas Eve, they will be allowed to spend the rest of the Mass with their family. You may wish to give them an idea in what part of church you plan sit and leave a space for them. Mrs. R and I will probably be spending the rest of Mass in the narthex, so if you don’t connect, we’ll make sure they are OK.

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Our class last night was devoted to getting organized and practicing for the Christmas Pageant. I think I have everyone properly assigned to the role they want. Several students have been assigned as shepherds, with the others assigned the narrator roles. We have more readers than we have roles, so some students will read on both dates and some on just one.

Parents – If your child is a reader, it would be really great if you would encourage and assist him or her to practice their lines this week. The sections are really very short, just a sentence or two for most of them. It was obvious last night there are some words that are not familiar (Herod, Nazareth, Galilee, etc.). The single, number one piece of advice for nearly all the children will be this; “Speak Up!” We hope to run through the program at least four times next Wednesday, which, hopefully, will give the students a chance to get comfortable with their role.

We MAY have a final rehearsal on Saturday morning, December 20. We will know after we get a chance to see how well the entire troupe is doing after next Wednesday’s practice.

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