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Monsignor Costigan visited our class at my request last night.  Originally, the class was to be focused on the Sacrament of Holy Orders. However, I thought it would be more interesting to have Monsignor to come and talk about his life as a priest and the priesthood in general, and to answer questions.

He did a great job and the class seemed genuinely interested. There were a TON of questions. After a series of questions focused on the “seal of the confessional,” I did need to ask the class to broaden out their questions. Fifth graders love to come up with convoluted “what if…” scenarios that sometimes need to be reined in.

Next week will be our last traditional class period, and we will cover the Sacrament of Matrimony. This is usually an interesting class with lots of questions and discussion. I’m looking forward to it.

We will cap off the CCD year with a final class on April 29. We will have a “teaching Baptism.” This will involve all or nearly all grades. We will have a full-scale baptism of the infant daughter of one of our parish families, and Monsignor will explain each of the prayers and actions as he proceeds. We did this several years ago and it was a big success. We will finish up with some kind of reception/refreshments. Should be fun.

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I have assembled a schedule of lessons for the rest of the CCD year. Just so you’ll know, this is highly optimistic. There are all kinds of things that can and will divert us from this plan, but at least it gives us a yard stick to measure how far behind we are at any time.

By the way, several years ago, we arranged for a family in our parish to have their newborn son baptized on a Wednesday evening. We used the Baptism ceremony as a teaching tool. It worked out very well for both the CCD classes and the family. Monsignor Costigan did everything the same as he would otherwise. The ceremony was held n the church with no shortcuts. The only differences were that Monsignor explained what he was doing and its significance at each step. And the child had about 150 honorary godparents in attendance. That child’s older sister happens to be in our class this year. We would love to do this again this year, if only we can find parents with a child in need of baptizing who are willing to go along with it. If you are such a parent, or you know someone who might be willing, please let me know.

Here is the tentative class schedule.

 Oct 30 – Eucharist 1 Ch 10

 Nov 6 – Eucharist 2 Ch 11

 Nov 13 – Liturgical Year & Advent Ch 6 & 13

 Nov 20 – Advent Project (family)

 Dec 4 – Christmas Pageant prep

 Dec 11 – Christmas Pageant prep

 Dec 18 – Christmas Pageant program (Family)

 Jan 15 – Confirmation Ch 8

 Jan 22 – Confirmation Ch 9

 Jan 29 – Prayer – Ch 12

 Feb 5 – Ten Commandments (not in textbook)

 Feb 12 – Ten Commandments

 Feb 19 – Reconciliation Ch 16

 Feb 26 – Lent and Easter Triduum Ch 20 & 21

 March 19 – Lent Project (Family)

 March 26 — Anointing of the Sick Ch 18

 April 2 – Matrimony Ch 24

 April 9 – Holy Orders Ch 25

 April 16 – Easter Ch 27

 April 23 – Open

 April 30 – Last Class

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We had originally planned on covering the first of two chapters on the Sacrament of Confirmation, but after thinking about it, we changed our minds. Since our class last week on Baptism was pretty-much a fiasco, we thought it important to take some time to reinforce some of the basic principles on Baptism.

We used the exercise at the end of the Baptism chapter. The students did several of the exercises (multiple choice, match question and answer, etc.) and then talked about them.

As expected, the students were very surprised to hear that, in the case of an emergency, anyone can perform a Baptism. We talked about the most common of those “emergency Baptisms,” that of a newborn baby who is not expected to live long. That prompted many questions about what happens if the baby dies without being baptized, is stillborn, etc. Our response is that we don’t really know, but we believe God is all loving and all merciful. We have trouble imagining God would not have mercy on an innocent baby.

We have six students who have volunteered to be readers at the Christmas program on December 19, the last class session before Christmas. One of those readers is also available for Christmas Eve 6 pm Mass. If you are the parent of any of our six readers, and it turns out you can attend the Dec 24 6 pm Mass, let me know. We can always add more students to the lineup.

We will have no class next week (November 21) since it is “Thanksgiving Eve.” We are back on November 28 with a lesson on Confirmation and a rehearsal for our Christmas readers.

Mrs. Rudolphi and I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

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Two years ago, we baptized a baby as part of our study of the Sacraments.

We found a family with a newborn infant who agreed to have his Baptism as part of the CCD program on a Wednesday evening. Despite some initial skepticism from the family and Monsignor Costigan, it turned out to be a fantastic experience. We had about half of the CCD in attendance, and the kids were extremely well behaved. Monsignor Costigan did an outstanding job explaining each step of the ceremony. Even the family thought it turned out very well. The child ended up with about a hundred honorary Godmothers and Godfathers.

We’d love to do it again this year. Do you know of any family with a child (or a pending child) that will be up for Baptism in the coming months? If so, let me know. Thanks.

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