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We had another great class on Wednesday. The students get the most engaged when we have something to talk about. Lots of questions and lots of discussion.

We tackled the second half of the Ten Commandments.

We discussed the two commandments concerning marriage, and made the distinction between the two. The first is issued to the husband and wife to be faithful to each other, while the second, “Thou shall not covet…” is aimed at a third party interfering with another’s marriage vows.

We discussed the concept of coveting – to want something so badly you are willing do commit a wrong to get it. They hadn’t really thought about that very much before this class, so it created some interesting discussion.

We also discussed honesty; harmful lies about others; perjury; and the difference between a lie and a mistake.

We also spent time discussing the magnitude of sins, and the difference between mortal and venial sins.

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