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Good class last night. My compliments to the parents. Right now, this is looking like a great group of kids.

Father John stopped by again. Apparently this will be a regular, or at least frequent, practice. This is great. He can provide some insight where Mrs. Rudolphi or I may be lacking.  Also, it gives the CCD students the opportunity to interact with a priest outside of Mass or confession. Otherwise, they don’t have as much opportunity to do so as do the students who go to Catholic schools. He talked a little about the Kingdom of God (which I was trying to explain at the time he walked in.) He also asked the students if they knew what feast today (Thursday) was going to be. To be honest, I had no clue myself. However, it is the feast of angels. That prompted a discussion of the nature of angels, famous angels, guardian angels and so on.

During the remainder of the class, we hit several topics.

We reviewed the concept of the Holy Trinity.

We reemphasized the lesson from last week that Jesus showed us how to live our lives by the way he lived his own life, especially in the way he treated other people. We talked about that Jesus was both God and man, and as a man went through all same experiences we all do. We challenged the students to come up with some specific examples of things they could do this week to follow Jesus’s example, especially in the area of embracing all people. You may wish to follow up on this with your child to see what they offered, and how they are doing on it.

One student asked if Jesus ever got married. We said he did not, which prompted a discussion of “why?” There were some interesting speculations.

We talked a little about the differences between disciples (all followers) and apostles (only the first 13, counting Judas and Mathias.) We also discussed the concept of a parable and why Jesus used parables as a teaching tool.

We left them with a homework assignment – to read Chapter One of the Gospel of Matthew.  Please help us by prompting your child to do so. We’ll discuss it briefly in class next week.

See ya then!


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