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We had our first opportunity to really meet with our class last night. Mrs. Rudolphi had a family issue and was unable to attend. My wife, Patty, pitched in to lent a hand.

We had 11 students present, with one more child who we know is part of the class, but was ill last night. I suspect we will pick up another four or five more in the coming weeks. Both Patty and I were extremely impressed with the students in the class. They were respectful, polite and well behaved. I realize this should be the norm, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Way to go, parents! Keep up the good work.

The good news is, if this trend continues, we will be able to plan a greater variety of lessons and more interesting activities than we could with a rowdier class.

We started by having them fill out a short information sheet (name, school, phone number, etc.). Then, I took a head-shot photo of each child. I will use them to create a cheat-sheet for Mrs. R and me to learn and remember names and faces.

Once that was out of the way, we anticipated there would not be time to teach a full lesson from our textbook. Instead, we have them a short quiz to get an idea of our starting point. They did very well. One student was able to list all seven Sacraments without a second thought.   We went over the quiz and talked about the questions and answers

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See y’all next week!

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