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How did I miss a blog entry last week?

Last Wednesday, we  picked up the exercise we did not finish the previous week. We broke the class into two groups and assigned each group a segment of the second chapter on Baptism. The boys who started prepping their lesson the previous week continued on the same segment. The rest of the class (the girls), concentrated on the third and fourth sections which dealt mostly with the actual Baptism ceremony. The assignment – work as a team to read and understand the section (2-4 paragraphs) and then teach that section to the rest of the class.

They did OK. I think the most memorable part of the experience for each of the groups was that we allowed them to “role play” a Baptism. This was the essential part of the girls’ assignment, but when they were done, we allowed the guys to act it out also.  We provided water, oil, a white garment and a candle. The groups self-assigned their roles as the narrator, priest, the one to be baptized and the godparents. No water fights. No spilled oil. No fire. Victory!

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One of the things I like about teaching 5th grade is that we are not a sacramental class. Since we do not have a rigid curriculum to prepare our students for their First Communion or Confirmation, we have the flexibility sometimes to adjust on the fly and talk about whatever is on our collective minds.

Last week we taught an overview of the Sacraments. We thought it would be a good idea to spend more time on that subject, to reinforce what we discussed last week. So we took the first 40 minutes of the class on two review exercises. The first was a word-game, and the second was a true-false, match-the-definition quiz format. We had the students complete them on their own, and then we talked about them.

By the time we were done with those, there was only about 20 minutes left in the class session, not enough time to start a brand-new chapter. The class was full of questions, some sacrament-related, and some not. So we spent the rest of the class in discussion. Among our subjects were:

–The difference between the Catholic Eucharist and Protestant churches’ communion.

–What happens to the unconsumed over consecrated hosts and wine after Mass.

— The origins and legends of Halloween, and its connection to All Saints Day.

Last week, we said a class prayer for Mrs. Rudolphi’s grandmother who was seriously ill. Since then, she passed away, so we said another prayer for her as our closing prayer.

And as is our usual practice, we closed by asking each student what he/she learned that night. All students were able to cite at least one thing, and were rewarded with a cookie.

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