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First, let’s get a schedule item out of the way. There is NO class next week as it would conflict with Halloween. We’ll see the children back on November 7.

We had a good class last night. Mrs. Rudolphi and I are now getting to know the students a little better and vice versa. We are starting to be able to adjust our methods slightly to accommodate their differences.

Rather than moving on to the next chapter, we spent the time reviewing and reinforcing the previous chapter, which was an overview of the seven sacraments. We really didn’t spend much time last week on the Sacraments of Service of Communion (Holy Orders and Matrimony). So I passed out a sheet of paper with six questions related to those sacraments. We asked the class to read the section of the text on Holy Orders and Baptism and to answer the questions as they read. We discussed the questions and answers afterwards and spent a fair amount of time talking about deacons, bishops and the pope. There was relatively little interest in Matrimony. We’ll revisit that later in the year.

We followed up on that by asking the students to complete a “word scramble” exercise in the text. The whole idea here was to simply reinforce the names and purposes of the seven sacraments.

We finished up with something we tried last week and it worked very well. We asked each student “What did you learn tonight?” and rewarded their answer with a cookie. The variety of answers is interesting and (to an amateur teacher) rewarding.


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