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I was traveling Thursday and Friday, so I’m a little late getting this update posted. Sorry.

The focus of Wednesday’s class was prayer. We started off by asking the class when was the last time they prayed, and what are some times that they usually pray. We had answers ranging from “before bed,” “before dinner,” and “in church,” all the way to “last Wednesday.”

Our main goal of this class was to familiarize the students with the concept of individual, private prayer. They are acquainted with the standard written prayers, such as The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, Glory Be, etc. However, most of them were less familiar with the idea of personal private prayer.

Had the students sit quietly with their eyes closed. We asked them to purge all extraneous thoughts out of their minds. Then imagine they have a direct line to communicate with God. God will hear anything they say in their thoughts. We suggested they talk with God and suggested some topics. (Thanks for a wonderful day, help on a test tomorrow, etc.) After a minute or two, we asked them to stop and simply listen.

Somewhat to my surprise, it actually seemed to work. Our subsequent discussion revealed some interesting messages.

We encouraged them to find a time every day to have a quite prayer. We talked about finding a time every day when they could get into the habit of saying a prayer. We used concepts like when taking a shower, brushing their teeth, walking home from school, and so on. Mrs. Suss (who was helping out) asked how many of them had “moments of silence” at school. Nearly everyone raised their hands. We strongly suggested that would be a perfect time of quiet to have a short conversation with God.

We discussed several other related concepts.

God listens to all prayers, but he rarely responds in a way we might expect. Don’t expect him to tap you on the shoulder and tell you what to do. The voice from the burning bush went out in Biblical times.

Sometimes God may respond to a prayer in a way that is not what we asked, but actually better for us. Mrs. Suss pointed out that a smart student who does not prepare for a test may pray for an “A”, but by getting a “C” he or she may learn to prepare better and benefit in the long run.

We discussed the five types of prayers.

  • Blessing
  • Petition
  • Intercession
  • Thanksgiving
  • Praise

We finished up by discussing a current issue about Tim Tebow, who has been accused of being a hypocrite for praying in public when Jesus taught us to pray quietly in private. We discussed the idea of an honest prayer as opposed to just showing off.

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